Mutual responsibility

Join IFLA in giving with dignity – together we are making the idea of mutual responsibility a reality!
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A Gift that Keeps on Giving
IFLA’s model relies on donated funds, and since loan repayments are recycled and loaned out again to help others, every contribution will continue to be put to good use in the years ahead.

For the last twenty-five years IFLA has provided interest-free loans to tens of thousands of Israelis, amounting to almost one billion shekels.

We Choose to Support Each Other
IFLA gives Israelis the opportunity to help each other by providing interest-free loans.

Many Israelis choose to partner with IFLA, and by providing donations they help working Israelis in need to overcome challenges such as financial distress, sending a child to school or overcoming an unexpected health-related expense.

Business owners who donate to IFLA are actively aiding other business owners survive in the challenging Israeli economy. This financial aid is provided with dignity, helping people help themselves.

Israel Needs a Credit Solution
In recent years tens of thousands of Israelis are in financial need. Similarly small businesses are finding it harder and harder to survive. These people have difficulties acquiring loans on favorable term through the banks and credit companies, and some have no other choice but to turn to the grey market.

We at the Israel Free Loan Association (IFLA) are here to provide an alternative, using a model based on the principle of mutual responsibility.