Adoption / Surrogacy Loans

Procedures for obtaining an interest-free loan for adoption from abroad/surrogacy/fertility treatments

Loans are designated for applicants adopting a child from abroad in accordance with the Adoption Law or for surrogacy or fertility treatments. Only Israeli citizens residing in Israel may apply.
Procedures and criteria:
1) The applicant must be aged 22-67.
2) The applicant must have a monthly net family income of NIS 3,000-15,000 and at least one year of uninterrupted employment at the same place of employment, or confirmation of monthly allowance of at least NIS 3,000 from the National Insurance Institute. Applicants who are self-employed should provide documentation from a certified accountant or a tax adviser describing net income from the last 12 months.
3) The applicant must present the following:
– Adoption: A signed agreement or a formal arrangement signed by an recognized association for adoption, price quote, a letter detailing how you plan on funding any expenses beyond those covered by the loan.
– Surrogacy : A lawyer’s confirmation of contract with a surrogate mother, price quote confirmation, a letter detailing how you plan on funding any expenses beyond those covered by the loan.
– Fertility Treatments: Documentation signed by your doctor, a price quote from an recognized medical institute, a letter detailing how you plan on funding any expenses beyond those covered by the loan.
4) The amount of the loan is up to NIS 30,000 as seen in the following table:

Monthly Family Income (NET) Loan Amount (NIS) # of Guarantors
3,000 – 8,000 Up to 20,000 2
3,000 – 8,000
(4 or more children under age 18)
Up to 25,000 2
8,001 – 15,000 Up to 25,000 2
8,001 – 15,000
(4 or more children under age 18)
Up to 30,000 2

5) Only those loan applications submitted on an original IFLA form or a form downloaded from the IFLA website will be processed. The applicant must attach a legible photocopy of Identity Card (including the address attachment), last pay slip and/or confirmation of income,  details of two guarantors (see below), bank account details and documentation as detailed above concerning adoption/surrogacy/fertility treatment process. Only applications filled out in full and sent by post or messenger will be considered.
6) The Loan Committee may confirm or reject any application and decide on the amount of the loan without having to provide reasons for the decision.
7) After a loan is approved, a letter is sent to the applicant, with detailed instructions. The applicant must adhere to all of the instructions regarding guarantors and all of the other terms. Loan approvals are not indicated by telephone. Applicant will have to arrive at the IFLA office in order to receive the loan.
8) After the loan is approved, guarantors must be signed on the relevant form which will be sent to the applicant for this purpose. The guarantors must have a minimum monthly net income of NIS 3,000 from the same workplace of at least one year. Guarantors may sign in our office or any branch of Bank Beinleumi or the Postal Bank as set out in detail in the instructions accompanying the loan approval.
9) A loan applicant or current borrower may not sign as a guarantor. A guarantor may sign for only one loan at a time. A husband and wife cannot be guarantors for each other, nor can they be guarantors for the same loan, or for two loans simultaneously. A guarantor cannot live at the same address as the borrower, nor can the two guarantors live at the same address. Recipients of National Insurance Institute allowances cannot be guarantors.
10) Loans are repaid by a standing bank order with a maximum of 67 equal payments (in accordance with family net income). An applicant whose bank account is restricted or was restricted in the past will have to wait one year from removal of the restriction in order to apply for a loan. Anyone who has filed for bankruptcy, has a file at Hotzaa LePoel, or has a warning registered against his name in the banking system or has a lien registered on his bank account, is not eligible for a loan from IFLA nor to sign as a guarantor for another applicant.
11) Loan applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable check for NIS 20 for verification of good standing of applicant’s active bank account.
12) A one-time service charge is to be paid upon receipt of the loan, as set out in detail in the approval letter.
13) The borrower must pay the service charge for any payment returned by the bank.

Please read the above criteria carefully to prevent misunderstandings and unnecessary delays.

Click here for application form (in Hebrew)