IFLA Loans

IFLA interest-free loans exist to assist people currently burdened by a pressing financial need for any number of reasons. These include business development, education, medical issues, housing, family life-cycle events, personal emergencies, disaster, or accumulated debt. IFLA loans are truly interest-free; there are no strings attached. Our primary concern is to assist the borrower while assessing his or her ability to repay the amount borrowed within agreed time period.

IFLA’s interest-free small business development loans may be compared with the modern micro-finance movement. However, whereas many, if not all, micro-finance programs in the world are tied to a micro-credit system that charges borrowers interest, IFLA loans, based on millennia of Jewish tradition, are completely interest-free.

How to Apply for an Interest-Free Loan at IFLA

Currently, IFLA lends approximately $20 million each year to individuals, families, and communities throughout the country and from all walks of life. On average we issue over 250 loans per month.

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