The Life of a Gift to IFLA

I want to give a gift that keeps on giving… While IFLA has helped thousands of borrowers in Israel, there are many more who could benefit from the resources we offer. In fact, official poverty statistics show that roughly 20% of working families in Israel live below the poverty line. As we experience major growth in the number of our borrowers, we require additional funds for new loans.
The more contributions we receive, the more people in need we can assist. Your gift to IFLA is a gift in perpetuity. Because all loan repayments are recycled and loaned out again to help others, your contribution continues to circulate through the years ahead.

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cumulative loans vs cumulative donations 1990- 2014

Cumulative donations of $10,000 or more immediately entitle the donor to establish a named loan fund (a loan fund in the name of your choice, either yours or that of a loved one). Such a loan fund will provide interest-free loans, to be repaid back to IFLA over time and lent out again in a continuous cycle. For example, a loan fund established in 1991 comprised of donations amounting to $100,000 has provided 557 loans in the cumulative amount of more than $1,008,196. This means that the initial donations have had a “helping value” of over 1,008%, and this value will continue to grow as the loans are repaid and then lent out again. Smaller donations that accumulate to $10,000 will be recognized as a named loan fund as well.


Because of our record of accountability and transparency in administering named loan funds, hundreds of donors have chosen to trust IFLA for direct donations and for operating their charitable loan programs in Israel. Since most of IFLA’s overhead expenses are covered by grants, at least 98% of your contribution goes to loans to the people we help, and not to overhead costs. For more financial reporting information directly, please see IFLA’s annual report.

Reporting and Tax Exemption

All loan transactions and repayments are fully computerized, allowing us to provide donors with reliable and up-to-date records at any time. Donations are tax-exempt in Israel, (46a) in the United States, (501(c) 3), in Canada, (registered with the Charities Directorate), and the United Kingdom (registered charity no. 1009568) to the maximum allowed by law. We are an authorized participant in the 2013 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Our CFC designation is 70808. If you wish to help strengthen Israeli society by offering something better than charity, make a gift for an interest-free loan through IFLA.

Designating your Gift

Your gift may be designated for any of our existing loan categories or for general loans. Non-designated contributions enable us to respond to urgent needs for financial assistance to the working poor that do not fit currently existing categories. Those who wish to earmark a gift for a specific purpose may choose from the following list:

  • Working Poor
  • Children or Adults with Disabilities
  • Small Businesses
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Adoptions and Fertility Treatments
  • New Immigrants
  • Students
  • Emergency

Leaving a Legacy: Remembering IFLA in Your Will

For more information about making your indelible philanthropic mark in the world, eternalizing your values, and leaving a legacy, visit Leaving a Legacy.

For matters related to making a donation to IFLA, please contact us at Tel: +972 2530 0787 or by email:

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