Leaving a Legacy

What is a LEGACY?Legacy Generations

Legacy giving is a companion piece to creating an estate plan. The estate plan is to pass to the people you love material things you’ve acquired over your lifetime. Legacy is when you pass part of the material assets to the causes you love. Of course, the causes are people too, but what you give them is channeled through an organization. You probably don’t know these people, but you do love them and you love what you’ll be able to help them do, for a very long time.

Leaving a Legacy with the Israel Free Loan Association (IFLA)

Second only to giving our clients support just when they need it, our Free Loan Association is proudest that virtually all loans are repaid and ready to help another family.
With this success, and knowledge of how many more await our help, IFLA is pleased to announce a new initiative to encourage legacy gifts.

Legacy giving refers to an allocation of funds from what remains in an estate at death. In addition to what we leave for heirs, many of us wish for some portion to go to one or more causes that have great meaning for us.

Most legacy gifts are created by a bequest in a will or trust. Insurance, IRA designation, annuities and other vehicles are also popular. IFLA professionals can answer your questions and suggest useful information sites.

Beyond the help it provides others, legacy planning is a powerful intergenerational force, joining parents, children and even grandchildren in the common goal of sustaining the community. Involving family members opens a dialogue about ideals, traditions, and visions for the future. Truly, the joy and personal benefits of legacy are without limit.

Watch for news and articles as we go forward in this important endeavor.

To learn more about planning for an indelible legacy of helping others, please contact us at Development@freeloan.org.il or +972 2530 0787.

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