Board of Directors

IFLA Board Members

Ofir Ozeri, IFLA Chairman, Attorney, Ofir Ozeri Law Office

Edward Cohen, Former IFLA Chairman, Businessman 

Tamara Barnea, Social Services Planning & Development

Peggy Brill, Consultant to Foundations and Non-Profit Organizations

Yona Cohen, Former IFLA Executive Director

Ohad Eini, IFLA Vice Chair, Real Estate Appraiser and Consultant

Uri Jaffe, Director of the Volunteer and Nonprofit Organizations Division, Department of Social Welfare, Municipality of Tel Aviv

Chaim Neuman, Former Treasurer of Tefachot Mortgage Bank

David Ram, Partner, GoldRock Capital

Yishai Tachover, Director of Information Systems, the Gichon Water Company

Samuel Cohen Solal, Managing Director at Sweetwood Capital

Zvi Feine, Deputy Director JDC Israel and Director Africa and Asia, retired

Yair Cohen, CEO of Avnei Derech

Joel Baris, Attorney, Joel Baris Legal and Governmental Services and former Legal Advisor to the Israel Ministry of Finance

Comptroller Committee

Michael Leon, CPA, Investment Banker, Bank Mizrachi Tefachot
Eitan Stein, CPA